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Mar. 28th, 2012

Making a Move

I will be moving this Book of Shadows to an actual web address and have opened a facebook in order to make it a more interactive community. Please join me!!!


The webpage is just in it's baby stages but here it is:

Hope to have you all visit the page and join the community!!

Dec. 1st, 2010

Table Of Contents

Table of Contents
**warning! this journal is not set up traditionally. It is a working Book of Shadows that I intend to be able to use as a quick cross reference. Also, because i print this journal out to have hard copies during workings, i have organized it slightly different, adopting my own interpretation of the "system". New entries will stay the current day they were posted until they are archived into the proper section. Usually a little less than a week. Once it is archived, it won't appear on my friend's pages!!! So snag it while its hott.**

Table of Contents


Basic Concepts

Herbs (general)
Herb dictionary



Ostara (spring equinox)
Litha (summer solstice)
Mabon (fall equinox)
Yule (winter solstice)


Coven Work

Nov. 30th, 2010

The beliefs....

This journal is a pagan book of shadows
and for private viewing only.
if you would like access,
please add me as a friend.

you are a child of the universe
no less than the trees and the stars;
you have a right to be here.

I have a belief...

-> I believe first and foremost, in myself. I am personally capable and responsible for my own actions, feelings, and destiny.

-> I believe that my experiences in this world are an interpretation of the world that is solely dependent on myself and my view points.

-> I believe that all people should be treated kindly and equally. There is no room for judgement, even after obtaining the facts. Judging is not our job.

-> I believe that all living things are a vital and necessary part of the universe. The circle of life is an essential system in our world.

-> I believe that all natural things have an innate energy. This energy exists in natural living (humans, plants, animals) and non-living (crystals) creations. This energy is ever present in "empty" space.

-> I believe that our innate energy is controllable and through such control one is able to place a positive or negative charge on the energy. This energy can then be applied and directed through thought, meditation, and ritual to influence yourself and the world around you. While in most cases, this energy never amounts enough to create a physical disturbance in our world, it is none the less ever-present and our actions and personal energy can leave a footprint in the ambient energy of any given environment (ie: residual hauntings but alternatively, homes that have that "homey" feel)This energy is found in humans and most commonly is "seen" in the form of an aura but chakras are another great example. However, I don't hold to the belief that we necessarily have colors to our auras or some of the more specific beliefs incorporated with that tradition. But merely the presence of energy in all of us that can be manipulated by ourselves and outside forces.

-> I believe in energy manipulation. It is the focus of my belief system and does not include any form of god, goddess, or worship. It merely requires a sentiment of empathy and understanding of processes in nature and the world surrounding us. It requires a detailed perception of people, places, and things - looking beyond the surfaces of situations and sometimes not looking at all, but merely learning to use and trust intuition. It is also an understanding that not all things are cute and cuddly, nor are all dark corners scary.

-> I believe you can be spiritual without prayer or worship. I have chants and diddies that i sing to help me focus my energy and direct it where i would like. but they are by no means required nor do i use them all the time. only when i am having a hard time concentrating for some reason or another.

-> I believe that by focusing your energy at certain times of the day, week, month, and year you are able to "tap" into the natural energy cycle of things and have more energy to work with. More specifically, the sabats and esbats on the calendar cycle. This energy manipulation can be used for multitudes of things including healing, goal work, energy readings, tarot readings, prosperity rituals, protection charms, etc. the key is that in no way can the energy you put out work to harm anyone or force them into anything against their free will. For example, love spells are a very fine line on that balance and it is important to send out energy seeking specific traits, than to focus on a person you know and try to draw them to you. This is against their free will. Believe it or not, your energy can highly effect the world around you, if you learn to pay attention.

-> I believe that tarot is a way to gain alternative universal insight into any situation NOT a way of foretelling the future. As far as scrying (i use a black mirror) and other forms of divination (pendulum/ouija work), those i believe to be ways of tapping into energy that has clung to a certain person or environment.

-> I believe in faeries. Yes. this sounds strange. but hear me out. Mostly this belief is not in the idea of actual little guys that run around, although for the sake of some great artwork, i don't mind indulging in that fancy. However, the basic center of this belief is that sometimes bits of energy tend to cling together, creating pockets somewhat. these little pockets of energy have no physical form nor do they really adhere to any sort of those physical laws. A good example of this can be when you swear you put your keys somewhere.. and they just seemed to have gotten up and moved! or when you swear you are gonna give up on something if you don't get it right, and finally it magickally works. These little pockets of energy are pulled in by your intentions and thoughts and used to somewhat amplify or provide that necessary energy you need to complete the intent. I know. it sounds a bit ridiculous. but. there are some things about all religions that are a bit....fantasy. Belief is about extending your mentality to accept things that may or may not be provable.

-> I believe that energy can manifest itself in disctinctly masculine or feminine ways. However, i do not believe in a god or goddess - the terms irk me a bit. But i do believe an innate female and male larger presence, but more as energy forms than astral beings or deities. And also energy that is a part of, and not above, its surroundings. For this reason, a lot of the god/goddess phrasing is dropped from my spellworks and replaced with less worshipful wording. I do call upon specific male or female traits, and ask for aid in my workings. I most often, if at all, refer to these energies as lord and lady, although rarely in a devotional way. It is easier for me to refer to them in a term of respect than worship. simply said.

-> I believe that men and women are equal but separate and both play dominating and subordinating roles. It is the delicate balance between the two that creates peace and passion.

-> I believe, as far as death is concerned,in the scientific proof that energy cannot be created nor destroyed. So the energy that is inside a person when they pass on is then scattered (or possibly not in the case of residual hauntings, etc.)throughout the universe. It is always there.. and it will always go on to perpetuate new living things.

-> I believe in a live and let live policy. We all dictate what works and does not work for us. I am not to say what beliefs you should hold, and i would hope that you feel the same way towards me, especially in this day and age. I also feel that life should be lived. In every bit and way. Embrace love, anger and every emotion in-between. We are humans - not robots.

-> I believe myself to be no different than you. I do not possess magickal powers. That is never what the term witch has implied to me. For others, that is different. but for the sake of this book of shadows be it understood, that i am merely aware of and work to redirect energy that is pre-existing in myself and the universe. If you feel that this is something you are interesting in learning about. do so. I will gladly help. However just know that the idea of traditional broom stick riding hocus pocus. is as far as i'm concerned...is well. a great thing for the movies. :)


you will be surprised how much mystery you can find in the world
when you stop listening with your senses
and start hearing with your heart.

whatever you believe
in thought, word, and deed
will come back to thee
times three.

this journal contains rituals and information
essential to my pagan way of life.

Nov. 29th, 2010



This is not a typical livejournal.
In order to navigate through the information available, please go through the newest entry marked Contents!!!

blessed be.


Jul. 1st, 2008

coven exercises

discussion exercise, energy sensing and transferring in a groupCollapse )

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Jun. 1st, 2008

spell writing

some basics on spell writing..Collapse )
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May. 24th, 2008

imbolc - ritual

imbolc - ritual breakdownCollapse )

imbolc - Feb 2 - info

imbolc general infoCollapse )
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May. 23rd, 2008

The Sabbats

a basic run down of all the sabbats...Collapse )
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May. 18th, 2008

August Esbat - Corn Moon - Info

First here is a little bit about the Corn Moon:Collapse )
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